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The volunteer team of Enjoy Church is the heart, soul, and passion of making church happen every week. Our volunteers are enthusiastic and passionate about making a difference and making an impact on the lives of everyone who attends. Imagine what great things will happen in your life and what God can do when you volunteer your time to serve. Why not join the team?


Please take a few minutes to browse through our list of opportunities listed below. We have over 75 volunteer ministry positions at our campuses that require hundreds of volunteers each month. If you do not find what you are looking for please contact us at or call 618.465.5433.


Little Fellows (Birth - Preschool)

Our Little Fellows Nursery and Preschool team shares the message of Jesus Christ with children in a fun, very exciting, creative and energetic environment. If you have a heart for young children and enjoy watching their faith grow, we have a place for you.

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Satellite Kidz

Experience a fun-filled, interactive, high-energy, high-tech environment, that is filled with exciting music, songs, games, and characters that teach Godly values at an age appropriate level. Our Satellite Kidz services meet at the same time as adult services. The Satellite Kidz services are designed specifically for children from kindergarten through the 5th grade.

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FlashPoint Wednesdays

Youth on Wednesdays is designed for high school students (middle school may attend). The messages are relevant to the students, and the atmosphere is awesome! There's plenty of hang out time and its a great place to bring friends.

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FlashPoint Sundays

The middle school ministry on Sunday morning is a place where middle school guys and gals will experience a time of creative fellowship and friendship. Small group bible lessons with exhilarating music and games are all part of the fun.

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Guest Services

Good Life Bookstore & Coffee Shop

The Good Life Bookstore & Coffee Shop is a fun and exciting place to serve and welcome members and guest. If you enjoy the Starbucks experience, then you will enjoy volunteering in the Good Life.

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Parking Lot

Do you want to be the first impression of Enjoy Church to our visitors and members each week? Our parking volunteer team consists of fun and enthusiastic men and women committed to making sure things run smoothly as you enter and exit Enjoy Church church each week. They guide you to a parking spot and assist you with any needs you may have. Join a fun ministry that is team-oriented and energizing! Our Parking ministry has a special orange vest waiting for you

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Our greeting ministry is a friendly team that welcomes families as they enter the building. They serve as worship hosts/ hostesses receiving, welcoming and offering friendly assistance to every person who enters our building. If you are outgoing and have a strong smile and a friendly "Hello," that is all you need to get started in this exciting ministry.

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Our usher volunteer team welcomes and guides our members and guests as they enter the auditorium so they may have an enjoyable and positive worship experience. They assist with handing out worship guides, locating seats, receiving offerings and handling all the behind-the-scenes details. If you enjoy helping people prepare for an incredible worship experience, our Usher team would love to have you join them.

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Our hospitality volunteer team serves our members and guests by assisting with questions, information about events, classes, workshops, and registration for any Enjoy Church event.

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Corporate Worship


Our Enjoy Church media team uses technology in the form of sound, video, lighting and graphics to enhance the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. If you have a heart for service and a desire to learn, we will do the rest. Our team is committed to train and equip you. All we ask is that you serve!

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Audio positions are trained to mix the sound for services, including vocal, music, special effects and recording. This is a fun, and challenging place to serve. Our audio department is growing and needs you; if you have an ear for sound and a mind to learn then you will love it here.

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Video positions include camera operators, video director, video mixer operator, video editing and post production projects. All video volunteers start as camera operators. If you have a desire to learn and enjoy the action and emotion that video captures, then jump in! We will teach you the rest.

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Each lighting operator is trained on proper light board use. The lighting operator creates the mood to enhance the praise and worship experience that is done with excellence and good taste. A blank canvas awaits to be painted with light!

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Graphics positions include creating print-ready media for video slides, posters and banners, video graphics for music services, graphic slides for displays, song lyrics, and more. Computer programs that we use include Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, PowerPoint, Lightwave, Mirage, among others. If you love a challenge and you love to learn and work with computers then you may want to start here.

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Stage Crews

Our stage crews move the equipment from backstage off and on as needed during the service. Stage crews move props, risers, audio equipment and more during the different scenes of a typical Enjoy Church service.

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The music ministry of Enjoy Church is designed to be a place for our members to serve God using their God-given gifts and talents. Our goal is to creatively communicate the life-changing message of Jesus Christ through the expression of talented singing and music. Vocally there are three different areas of vocal expression: Praise team, Praise team choir, and individual specials. Musically, we are always looking for qualified musicians to add to the praise team band. Because of the standard of excellence that we have set for this ministry, we require that all of these areas make use of auditions. Click below if you would like to receive information about the next audition.

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The Drama ministry of Enjoy Church is designed to provide for our members a place to serve God using their God-given talents. Our goal is to dramatically communicate the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. Because of the standard of excellence that we have set for this ministry, we require all prospective drama team members to audition. Click below to receive audition information.

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Special Projects

Various special projects announced throughout the year.

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From local mission and outreach projects, to reaching the world with the message of hope and good news, Enjoy Church is committed to bringing this message of love in practical expressions through the use of missions outreach.

Enjoy Church is committed to sharing its man-power, resources, and experiences to help others.

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C2 Facilitators use a combination of their warm personality and fun-loving attitude, along with good planning and attention to detail, to make small groups a creative and compelling place for adults to gather. If you are a creative thinker, enjoy facilitating conversations among friends, loyal to the Enjoy Church vision and pastoral staff, and you are willing to follow an established and proven system, C2 group facilitating might be for you.

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Online Opportunities

Online Prayer Team

If you have a passion for praying for people on a regular basis, join the Online Prayer Team! God is a personal loving being who wants an intimate relationship with us. Prayer is our spiritual communication between man and God. He hears us, loves us and will respond. It is our connection to the Lord and His promises. The scriptures tell us that we are to pray for one another. Never underestimate the power of prayer!

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